About Us

Ariel Networks Labs is a team that consists individual developers who have gathered to invent our futures.

Ariel Labs is NOT an official organization of Ariel Networks, Inc. Eitarow Fukamachi and Tomohiro Matsuyama belong to a same company, Ariel. It is why Ariel Labs is named such a name. In fact, we let a door open that to join us for even other developers.

We have a GitHub account.


We produced (and still in development) following products.

Don't misunderstand. These products' license and rights are not belonging to Ariel Labs, Ariel Networks or any others. See each product pages to check the license and copyright.

Common Lisp Libraries

Web Application Environment for Common Lisp inspired by Python's WSGI and Ruby's Rack.
General Annotation library for Common Lisp.
Micro Web Framework.
Modern markup (HTML) generation library.
Amazon Product API interface library.
Yet Another Unit Testing Framework for Common Lisp.
Reader Syntax Coventions for Common Lisp and SLIME
Very fast ML-like pattern-matching library
Generate a skeleton for modern project

Emacs Lisp

Emacs Lisp Collection for Several Developers.


Eitarow Fukamachi

Eitarow Fukamachi is a Common Lisp, Clojure and Perl5 developer with an interest in web development.

I love Lisp. Other? Well..

Tomohiro Matsuyama

Tomohiro Matsuyama is a Emacs Lisp, Common Lisp, OCaml and Haskell developer with an interest in type inference and programming language. A super creater of the IPA MITOH youth project.

He is also an author of Auto Complete Mode.

Norihisa Fujita

Norihisa Fujita is a C++ developer with an interest in GPU.

Hiroyasu Ohyama

Hiroyasu Ohyama is a C and Perl5 developer with an interest in OS. A super creater of the IPA MITOH project.

Man must shut up and write some code.

Yoshiaki Iwanaga

Yoshiaki Iwanaga is a JavaScript and Scala developer.

I believe I am the best person for Scala programming.

Other Activity

We are blogging on Modern Common Lisp in Japanese. It is targeted to announce the way that heads to Common Lisp's future.

And, we have a podcast channel on iTunes, named "Ariel Radio" in Japanese. You can also subscribe it as just a RSS.